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Comprehensive Home Care Consulting Solutions

Homecare Consulting Services

Margaret Shepherd Associates provides superior homecare consulting services for home health, hospice, and homecare agencies. We’ve built our reputation on our expertise in helping organizations like yours remain competitive in an industry that is rapidly changing and growing every day.

Our homecare consulting services are as comprehensive as they are diverse. We listen to your specific challenges and goals, perform internal and external analyses, and provide recommendations to propel your agency in the direction of your desired results.

Whether you’re in a transitional stage or are experiencing financial hardships, our homecare consulting provides the insight you need to lead your industry. Our associates are experts in the field. We quickly analyze areas that need improvement and offer innovative solutions tailored for your business.

Our homecare consulting services include:

The most reliable, insightful, and proven homecare consulting services are just a call or click away. Call (206) 285-2328 or email us to see how we can best serve your agency.

Interim Management

Interim Management: Transitioning Leadership

What do you do when an executive leaves a homecare agency? Whether he or she is the CEO, CFO, COO, or another member of the management team, a smooth transition to the next leader is critical to the continued success of the organization.

Margaret Shepherd Associates’ interim management consulting services ensure that your homecare agency doesn’t miss a beat. Interim management provides the leadership an organization needs to effectively move forward.

When you work with our interim management consulting team, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your homecare agency to understand the corporate culture and its short- and long-term goals
  • An assessment of the types of skills the new executive needs
  • Experienced leadership during the interim management phase that moves the organization forward

The interim management process varies depending on the organization and its needs. It typically takes between three to six months to find the ideal person for the position.

Interim Management: Transforming Organizations

The interim management period can be a stressful time for a homecare agency. But it can often be an opportunity to streamline operations as well. Our interim management consulting services include a systematic review of personnel issues throughout the organization. The interim management process is a time to focus, reorganize, and create positive, long-lasting change. It is also an opportunity to develop new leaders and create new strategies.

Margaret Shepherd Associates’ interim management consulting services can be your objective third-party during a transitional phase. We’ll determine the type of management you need in the interim to achieve your desired clinical and financial outcomes.

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Strategy Planning

Exceed Your Clinical and Financial Goals With a Strategic Planning Consultant

The home health, hospice, and homecare industry is constantly changing. To become a market leader you need a focused strategy with clear goals to move the organization forward.

Do you need to perform better in your current market and expand your reach into new markets—all while achieving your desired clinical and financial goals? If so, you need an objective strategic planning consultant to position your organization for success.

You need Margaret Shepherd Associates as your strategic planning consultant. We specialize in developing strategies tailored to your unique challenges and goals.

We’ll help sharpen your vision to deliver healthcare more effectively and profitably. Our strategy development and oversight services include:

  • Assessing your current market position and providing insightful recommendations to gain market share and evolve with industry changes
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance community involvement by analyzing demographics, operations, and finances
  • Defining potential partnerships and strategic alliances to deliver services to a larger geographic area
  • Developing innovative models for homecare providers to align with hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers to improve the quality of care without negatively impacting financial outcomes

Margaret Shepherd Associates is a strategic planning consultant committed to ensuring you have the right systems, resources, and personnel in place to achieve your goals and mission. We provide practical solutions to complex problems to ensure your success.

As your strategic planning consultant, we collaborate with you to become a viable and sustainable healthcare provider. You’ll develop strategies to transcend today and lead tomorrow.

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Organizational Assessment

Improve Your Homecare Agency’s Performance With an Organizational Assessment

Is your agency meeting its clinical and financial expectations? Is your data management software holding you back? Is your management team underperforming?

These are just a few of the many reasons to engage Margaret Shepherd Associates to perform a comprehensive organizational assessment. After all, an agency’s success depends on its operational and financial performance in the competitive home health, hospice, and homecare field. To achieve consistent, positive results, an agency must be vigilant in all areas of the organization.

Margaret Shepherd Associates is a homecare consulting firm that specializes in organizational assessments that transform poor performers into sustainable, forward-thinking agencies. Each organizational assessment is unique to a firm’s corporate culture, systems, and personnel. Our subsequent recommendations focus on streamlining operations and improving clinical and financial outcomes.

Why Do Home Health, Hospice, and Homecare Agencies Need an Organizational Assessment?

An organizational assessment is only as good as the homecare consulting firm performing it. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Margaret Shepherd Associates has worked with home health, hospice, and homecare providers that are national and regional leaders in community-based healthcare.

Our organizational assessment identifies the specific challenges your agency faces. Then we develop and apply targeted solutions to solve problems and streamline operations. Some of the common reasons for an organizational assessment include:

  • Decreasing profit margins
  • Increasing staff errors and inefficiencies
  • Change in management or leadership
  • Problems meeting financial benchmarks
  • Poor clinical outcome reports
  • Incomplete or inaccurate data management

A Margaret Shepherd and Associates organizational assessment addresses these issues and many more. Whether you have one primary problem or are facing several operational and financial issues, our homecare consulting services include:

  • Analyzing individual departments within the organization and providing recommendations to make each one more efficient and aligned with the organization’s goals
  • Developing a strategic action plan that leadership can begin implementing immediately
  • Advising which software programs will better serve the needs of the organization
  • Examining clinical and financial outcomes against best practice standards
  • Performing executive coaching and specialized leadership development
  • Working with Human Resources to provide policy guidance for alignment with regulatory change and a dynamic business culture

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Executive Coaching

Strengthen Your Homecare Agency With Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Executive coaching and leadership development for home health, hospice, and homecare professionals has a profound effect on the success of an organization. It’s no secret that “executive coaching” produces a measureable return on investment.

Margaret Shepherd Associates prides itself on being on the vanguard of executive coaching for the home health, hospice, and homecare industry. Our lead homecare consultant was a CEO for over twenty years. She’s had the opportunity to provide mentoring and executive coaching to many leading high-level professionals in the home health, hospice, and homecare field.

Our executive coaching goals are as simple as they are critical: Help an executive become more effective for the organization, the industry as a whole, and a high-performing professional. It’s a process that results in an enormous payback in the day-to-day operational performance and ongoing financial success of an organization.

Going Beyond Executive Coaching . . . Leadership Development

The leadership development of first-line managers and supervisors is as important as executive coaching. These are the future leaders with whom many current executives are too busy to train and coach.

Margaret Shepherd Associates offers leadership development services to all levels of management. We know that many existing managers and supervisors can be transformed into successful leaders when provided with the right leadership development. Home health, hospice, and homecare organizations that are proactive about leadership development and coaching from within are more likely to avoid the need for extended interim management. When an executive leaves, a manager with extensive coaching will have the skills to step in and lead.

Our executive coaching and leadership development expertise is at the forefront of homecare consulting. Call (206) 285-2328 or email us to see why we’re different.

Accreditation/ Licensure

Accreditation, Licensure, and Compliance: Is Your Agency Prepared?

As a home health, hospice, or homecare organization, you know how important it is to stay current on all federal, state, and local requirements. To meet the highest industry standards and implement best practices, Margaret Shepherd Associates provides accreditation and licensure consulting, and ensures your organization complies with all regulations and legislation.

Accreditation and Licensure

The accreditation and licensure process requires a home health, hospice, and homecare agency to perform a comprehensive examination of every area of the business. Your agency discovers whether it is in compliance with industry standards through a detailed self-study analysis,

Our accreditation and licensure services assist you in achieving or maintaining CHAP, JCAHO, or ACHC accreditation. We conduct mock surveys to assess your agency’s current clinical and financial outcomes, quality improvement initiatives, and other areas to determine your readiness for “live” accreditation surveys.

Margaret Shepherd Associates’ accreditation and licensure consulting services offer many unique benefits:

  • We take the worry out of wondering whether you are up-to-date on new laws, regulations, and other industry requirements
  • We include evaluating, developing, and assist with updating policies and procedures as part of our accreditation and licensure preparation
  • We make the process go smoothly because of our extensive knowledge of Medicare requirements


In addition to accreditation and licensure, our broad compliance services are designed to prevent HIPAA violations and healthcare fraud and abuse. Our goal is to protect your agency’s assets by examining compliance audits, documentation and billing processes, cost report analyses, and other compliance services to minimize your risk.

Is your home health, hospice, or homecare agency prepared for accreditation and licensure? What are you doing to prevent healthcare fraud and abuse? Call (206) 285-2328 or email us to learn how we can help protect your organization.